Decontamination Shelter

Inflatable Decon Shelter that setup with minimal personnel and time frame
Rapid deployable in just minutes with minimal personnel, the Disaster Medical Technologies Pneumatic Decontamination System fuses state-of-the-art inflatable shelter technology with a superior combination of capabilities to form a portable, all weather solution for the environmentally safe decontamination and shower shelters . The shelters works as a temporary shower area. The Disaster Medical Technologies Portable Decontamination System provides the area and can be used for decontamination, hazmat, firefighters, hospitals, special needs, and communities. Scroll Down for Request to Quote.

Standard features :
Inflatable Shelter w/inflator, Hose Kit,
Stakes, Hammer and Repair Kit.

Shower Kit

Optional Accessories:

Hot Water Heaters
Pressure Control System for Beams.
Internal Individual Room Dividers
Fuel-Fired Air Heaters for Cold Climates.
Connecting and Entrance Modules.

Mobile 5-Ton HVAC Unit w/Ducts and Remote Thermostat
Electrical Distribution Kit
24“ LED Lighting Fixtures, 60-240v
Full Width Divider Curtain

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