Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Equipment

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Choosing Your Equipment

We know it’s often difficult to figure out how to determine what type of equipment you need. There are many variables to consider and sometimes great disparity between quality, functionality and ultimately cost. Our experienced consultants will help you navigate through the choices if needed, and come up with a solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Taking Care of Business

Combining over 13 years of industry experience, in-depth knowledge of government contracting and continuing education in the areas of emergency response and disaster management, we are committed to providing the right solutions for our clients, aware of the responsibility that what we recommend will ultimately be used to save lives in our communities.

Unlike distributors, Disaster Medical Technologies is not an additional channel, nor are we middlemen, but we are channel intermediaries. Our goal is to find the most effective channel for our clients and manufacturers. In fact, reaching the channel in the most cost-effective manner is probably the most prevalent reason that our manufacturers and clients have had success with us.

Disaster Medical Technologies

Disaster Medical Technologies, LLC can customize and put together your projects in realistic solutions. We offer a wide range of equipment that supports hospitals, coroners, medical examiners, emergency management agencies, health departments, fire departments, emergency medical services, county government, state agencies, and federal government. Our equipment includes mortuary, medical surge, triage, and flooding solutions, and we help you design custom workstations, trailers, kits, systems, and software to fit the solution.

You can put your trust in Disaster Medical Technologies. Disaster Medical Technologies is flexible, responsible, and creative offering personal service throughout the collaborative process. We assist clients in preparing for and responding to a wide range of disasters and emergency scenarios. Our unparalleled solutions, competitive prices, and overall values are why our loyal clients won't go anywhere else.


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