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Bioseal systems

Mortuary and Biological Containment 
The multilayered, metalized BioSeal Systems material meets the strict standards for Biosafety Level 4 containment as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A BioSeal Systems container seals in offensive odors and hazardous byproducts ranging from infectious diseases and to caustic embalming chemicals. It also seals out potential contaminants, making it the perfect solution for protecting the integrity of the remains stored inside. The BioSeal Facility System contains enough BioSeal Systems material to contain approximately 45 decedents, yet requires just one square foot of storage space and can easily fit in the corner of a prep room. When it comes time to seal a body, you just roll the wheeled dispenser to the dressing table and then roll it back when you’re done. The vertical dispensing rack allows you to unroll the BioSeal Systems material directly onto a gurney or dressing table. Cut it to the length required, unfold the material, lay in the remains, fold and seal. Once sealed, the remains can be safely handled for storage, transport, x–rays or incineration. You can write any pertinent information—decedent identification, investigation notes—directly onto the BioSeal Systems container with an indelible marker and the information will always stay with the remains. The BioSeal Systems container can also be shipped by air without any of the pressure concerns associated with traditional metal Ziegler cases. 

Here is the press release about the CDC updating their guidelines to use the System5.