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Cage # 6R0R0 DUNS # 141956438   WOSB CN MWCERT2016-21  

Disinfection Sprayer SC-EB

Self Contained Electrostatic Sprayer for Disinfection and Sanitation
• Compact, unobtrusive sprayer ideal for light-duty
quick applications
• Polyresin case has wheels and extendable handle
for easy transport
• Includes one MaxCharge™ electrostatic spraygun
• Two one-liter bottles for easy spot spraying
• Compatible with most conventional chemicals
• Runs on 110volts (60hz) with a 220volts option available
Technical Specifications
Nozzles 1
External air supply required No
Electricity required 110v
Dual Nalgene bottles 1 Liter (1000 ml) each
Size 22”H × 16”W × 10”D         (56 cm. × 41 cm. × 25 cm.)
Hose 30 ft. (9.1 m.) standard
Electrical cord 10 ft. (3 m.)
Weight (full) 48 lbs. (22 kg.)
Flow Rate 1gal./hr. (3.8 L./hr.)
Drop Size 40 micron VMD
Spray Range Up to 8 ft. (2.4 m.)
Options up to 100 ft. (30.5 m.)
of hose (above standard will
not fit inside case)