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Flooding Solution
RapiDAM sandless sandbags are the ideal alternative to traditional sandbags. RapiDAM sandless sandbag kits consist of self-inflating flood control bags which provide a quick, easy, low cost solution for containing and diverting water.  The process is simple: RapiDAM sandless sandbags absorb, swell, contain and divert water. The sandless sandbags are easy to handle, transport and store – even when fully absorbed with water – and eliminate the need for hundreds of pounds of sand and labor. RapiDAM sandless sandbags respond and start working on contact with water. Unique super-absorbent liner provides even distribution as bags begin to swell. Specially engineered, UV resistant fabric resists the breakdown of SAP. Durable outer fabric enables long term use – up to 6-8 months. Feature a shelf life of 5 years. Carefully double stitched edges provide additional protection. Safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic.