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Human Injury Limiting Tool

​Six Devices in One
One of the most common calls for assistance is to help an uninjured patient off of the floor. Without a tool, responders must lift the patient from awkward positions and expose themselves to injury. The HILT can be configured to position underneath the patient and allow responders to lift the patient with safe lifting techniques. Scroll Down for Request to Quote.

The HILT can assist with the following:

Lift and carry a supine patient.
Lift and carry a seated patient.
Carry a patient up or down stairs.
Conduct a single-person rescue.
Combine with a backboard.
Conduct a lateral transfer.

The HILT has the following advantages:

Light in weight.
Quickly deployable.
Safety straps to stabilize the patient within the stretcher.
Easily cleaned.
Compact and easily stored.
Does not interfere with an x-ray.
Can be combined with other patient handling products.
Designed to be used by patient attendants of various heights and builds.
Can be used by one or up to 14 patient attendants at one time.

DMTH2800 HILT Model 2800 - 1,000 pound capacity ; Use with up to 14 responders ; Weighs less than 5 pounds ; 6” H x 24” W when stored; Flexible Nylon constructioner

DMTH2800M HILT Model 2800M - Military HILT 2800

DMTH1400 HILT Model 1400 (Economy) ; 1,000 pound capacity ; Use with up to 14 responders  ; Weighs approximately 1.5 pounds ; 2” x 11” x 14” when stored ; Non-woven / poly construction ; Comes in Case of 9

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