Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Equipment

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Individual Rehab

Cooling Solutions

Several different options for cooling vests and custom rehab packages. Disaster Medical Technologies offers products specially designed to meet the NFPA 1584 Rehab Standard. Designed to protect the health and safety of firefighters and first responders, NFPA 1584 is the National Fire Protection Agency’s standard on the rehabilitation process during emergency operations and training exercises.

Every firefighter or first responder should be familiar with their own requirements for recovery, hydration, and protection from the elements of their jobs, however, every department or squad should make the resources for rehab readily available and rapidly deployable at every incident scene or training location.

We believe that minimizing severe injuries, illness, or death related
to heat stress is preventable, realistic, and attainable, but it must
be achieved with the right knowledge and equipment.