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Mass oxygen distribution Systems

Liquid Oxygen Solution

Mass Oxygen Distribution System (MODS)

The Mass Oxygen Distribution System (MODS) is a lower pressure portable 75 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous distribution system, capable of supplying up to 64,500 gaseous liters of on-board oxygen at a maximum flow rate of 450 liters per minute at 200 psig.  Up to fifteen Patient Distribution Kits (PDK) can be connected to the MODS, providing oxygen for a maximum of 150 patients at a flow rate of 3 liters per minute.  Liquid oxygen ports allow standard liquid oxygen cylinders (VGL) to be attached, extending the usage time of the system indefinitely after the on-board 75 liters have been depleted.  Weighing approximately 550 pounds when full, the MODS has four wheels to facilitate movement.  The MODS requires no external power and uses just six C batteries for the quantity indicator.  An optional 110 Volt power port is provided.

System can be configured into complete trailer systems for mobile response with complete supplies and equipment.
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