AquaBags are 1.5 gallon water containers made of thick, food grade plastic

Originally designed to provide clean drinking water to villages and communities in the developing world, the FW-1200-P has seen a growing popularity in hospitals across the country.

With a daily production capability of 28,000 gallons, the FW-1200 can sustain critical operations through most any water disruption event. 

The FW-300 is a versatile system that provides high volume water  purification in a field deployable package.

The FW-120 is a 120 gallon per hour water purification unit fully contained in a rugged transport case.

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The core of any water purification system is the technology it utilizes to produces potable water from a contaminated source. The FW-1200, FW-300 and FW-120 anchor the First Water line of water purification systems and all employ the same advanced technology.

Water treatment begins with contaminated or unknown source water. This could be caused by a routine event such as a city boil water advisory or a large scale disaster that shuts down a water supply. First Water purification systems take water from any micro-biologically contaminated, fresh water source and produce potable drinking water with exceptional taste.

The treatment starts with removal of dirt, debris and sediment. This is accomplished through a series of pre-filters and sediment filters.
Taste and odor are addressed next. Even the safest water to drink can contain a foul taste or smell and cause the general population to distrust the supply. We address this issue with carbon filtration that attacks organic compounds and chemicals that contribute to off tasting water.

The last stage of filtration is the most advanced and sets First Water apart. Our ZeonicTM virus filter is derived from NASA technology and has been tested against viruses as small as 0.019 microns. This proprietary filter is rated for removal of micro-biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and cysts.
To ensure the maximum level of disinfection and redundancy, all water purification systems are further equipped with a 40mj ultraviolet light disinfection system. This trusted technology attacks any existing organisms and sterilizes them, rendering them harmless for human consumption.
All First Water systems have been independently certified to the NSF/EPA protocols for both civilian and military emergency

The Flex-Chlorinator provides a simple and effective way to add residual disinfection to your purified water.

Water Bladders are the perfect answer for liquid storage, containment and transportation needs.

The Filling Station is a clean water distribution manifold system.  Placed directly after the FW-1200, FW-300, or any other potable water source, up to 8 lines of people can simultaneously fill containers.

Water Bladders are the perfect answer for liquid storage, containment and transportation needs.

The Supply Station is an open face tank available in 3,000 gallon and 300 gallon capacities.

Facility Configurations allow you to identify the appropriate quantity of equipment by your facility bed count and purchase a complete solution with a single order.

The NexGenTM Reusable Bladder is an innovative solution that solves many potable water storage challenges.

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