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Lithium Ion Battery (Charge time 4hrs, Uses per charge: Approx. 50-60)

Polyethylene disposable sealing waste bags (Approx. 50 uses per roll)

Polymer based coagulating powder (50 pcs per box)

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Portable Box Type Automatic Wrapping Toilet
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This innovative portable toilet based on an entirely new concept wraps and completely seals in waste and odors without using any water. Operation is clean and sanitary because waste is wrapped after each use. Curing an emergency, this toilet can be powered using a dedicated battery or the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle. The Functionally enhanced automatic wrapping toilet Wrappon Trekker 2 can be used in any situation - during everyday life or emergencies.

A clean and safe toilet environment is crucial!! Let us show you how the Wrappon will help you.

​The automatic wrapping system uses thermo compression bonding to hermetically seal waste after each use without the use of water. Since waste is individually wrapped and the soiled film is cut away after each use, the Wrappon Trekker 2 remains clean and is easy to maintain.  

The special five-layer film completely prevents odors from escaping. In addition, because the film is made of polyethylene, it emits no harmful gases when incinerated. Thus, the wrapped and sealed bags can be disposed of in the same way as disposable diapers.

Major disasters can disrupt utilities and normal services. Living for an extended period of time as a disaster evacuee can create various types of stress. Of these, toilet-related problems have become more serious in recent years, making corrective measures urgently necessary.

The Wrappon, which automatically wraps and seals waste after each use, lessens the burden on both the person requiring care and the person providing care, resulting in less stressful care giving and receiving.

Lithium Ion Battery (Charge time 4hrs, Uses per charge: Approx. 50-60)